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Writing for Us

Are you deeply passionate about the hospitality industry?

Do you have a desire to make a genuine difference by sharing your culinary thoughts, insights and opinions with thousands of fellow chefs and restaurant owners?

Chefify is on the lookout for guest authors to write articles for our blog.

You don’t have to be an expert author — our copywriter can refine your words — it’s your fervor, rants, success stories, thought leadership and learnings that we want to hear about and share with your fellow professionals.

  • Are you a professional chef (at any stage of your career), or a restaurant owner?
  • Can you commit to write at least one article of 400-800 words per month?
  • And most importantly, do you want to be heard?

How writing for us will work:

  • You contact us with a summary of proposed topics.
  • We will be in touch to confirm which topics we’d like to proceed with. Your article should be exclusively for use on Chefify and must not already exist on other websites.
  • Draft your article. This can be fairly rough and ready, as our copywriter will edit your article and send this back to you with feedback. However, you will have the final say.
  • We will publish your article on Chefify with your author details and a link to your Chefify profile. If supplied, we will also include links to your LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter profile, as well as a link to your restaurant’s website.

We have several thousand monthly website visitors and an active social media community. All articles are promoted on both Facebook and Twitter, ensuring that your article will reach our ever-growing global network of culinary professionals.

To join us as a guest writer please get in touch:

Write for us


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