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What to add to your summer food menu

Apr 16 2018 - 5:01pm
A seasonal menu is a great selling point for a restaurant – customers love to eat fresh summer produce. Update your offering with a combination of seasonal ingredients and summer 2017 trending tastes to give your customers plenty to talk about and put your restaurant firmly on the culinary map. Here are a few summer-themed food ideas as to what you should be adding to your summer menu.


Pickles and ferments

Fermented foods have been gathering pace as a trend for some time and this summer they really hit a peak. And pickles? We’ll they’ve always been pretty popular. This summer it’s all about adding some ‘zing’ to dishes with the sharp taste explosion from fermented vegetables or something pickled. Be inventive and don’t just reach for the gherkins. Combine this trend with a truly seasonal fruit and add pickled strawberries to your menu instead.


Yes, grilling is one of the summer cooking styles you could add to your menu but the charcoal trend goes much further than just using it as fuel. Charcoal has been found to have detoxifying and purifying properties and is being hailed as this summer’s super ingredient. It is being added to everything from ice cream to bread and has a dramatic black hue that’s perfect for impactful aesthetics.


If there is one vegetable that is truly trending this summer it’s cauliflower. This brassica is everywhere right now, fried, roasted, as a pizza base, even as a ‘steak’ (a cauliflower head sliced whole). Cauliflower is a great ingredient to use, as it’s cheap, seasonal and texturally versatile. Pro tip: don’t add it to your menu as a side but make it the innovative star of the show.

Filipino and/or African flavours 

Africa takes first place this summer when it comes to dominant tastes – a first for the world’s second largest continent. That means an abundance of beans, rice and tastes such as Madagascan vanilla and plenty of exotic spices. Coming in a close second is Filipino food with dishes such as cured beef and meat and tomato stew. Filipino flavours tend to be more towards soy, vinegar and garlic tastes with meat in almost every dish.

High tech cocktails

We’ve had molecular gastronomy, now it’s the turn of molecular mixology. All the fancy equipment from the kitchen – such as the sous vide – is being put to use behind the bar to produce seriously distinctive and complex cocktails. If you want to combine two bona fide summer 2017 trends then match your high tech cocktails precisely to dishes on your menu. Take a look at 2017 cocktail trends.


Take a look at our summer food trend blog to find out more ingredients you should be including.

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