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For The Love Of Vegan Cake: Consumers Push Food Industry For Dairy Free Options

Jun 25 2018 - 2:26pm
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The vegan way of life is changing the face of the food industry. There are millions of vegans worldwide, and with celebrities like Jared Leto, Jennifer Lopez, and Woody Harrelson leading the way, eating a dairy-free diet has found its place in society. Now with consumers demanding more vegan food options restaurants, bakeries and industrial food producers are being pushed to keep pace with the market. Customers are looking for healthier options that deliver on taste but are also affordable.

Many well-known companies have changed their menu or the way that their products are being made to provide options for the vegan market and the cake industry is just one of the leaders in finding ways to offer vegan cake options. A traditional cake is made with butter and eggs. The frosting and decorations for most cakes are made with milk. Chocolate is one of the top picks for dessert choices and chocolate is typically made with milk products. Modifying dairy filled cake recipes to suit the needs of vegan consumers has offered numerous opportunities to bakery professionals.

Luckily there are many options to replace the butter, milk, and eggs used in non-vegan cakes. Vegan spreads, coconut butter, and a variety of oils are suitable for replacing butter. There are lots of vegan milk products on the market such as hemp, coconut, soy, and almond milk. Eggs are easily swapped with ready to buy egg substitutes, chia or flax seeds. While substitutes are easily available, baking a good vegan cake takes practice and skill. Due to the demand for vegan cakes, top-rated culinary schools are offering completely vegan pastry courses.

Vegan bakeries are popping up around the world, especially in areas that have a heavily meat oriented culture. For instance, in beef-loving Korea coffee chains are breaking the mold by selling individual vegan cakes, recognizing that there is a demographic of Koreans who eat a solely vegan diet. Germany is a nation who is leading the way to veganism. Known for a heavy meat, cheese, and butter-based diet Germans are opting for soy replacements including vegan cakes. Supermarket chains are offering vegan options to their shoppers in specialty aisles and are seeing more consumers who want to try their vegan offerings.

True to form, the US food industry is on top of the wave of the vegan cake baking trend. Retail giants like Target and Trader Joe’s have been offering vegan cakes, cupcakes, and frozen desserts that are beloved by their customers. Trader Joe’s even offers a vegan cake mix to make it easy to make a delicious dairy and egg free cake at home. Food industry leaders and entrepreneurs alike see vegan cake production as an enticing market with exponential growth for the future.


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