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How Chefs are giving back to their local community

Apr 26 2018 - 11:31am
The chefs as a community often have a reputation for being somewhat reclusive; staying very much within their own kitchen and remaining largely unseen by the guests frequenting their restaurants.

However, the reality is that chefs are, by their very nature, social animals, often getting together after long shifts to share ideas over food and drink, or on online chef communities, such as Chefify.

Why get involved with the community?

Meeting up with fellow chefs is one thing, but what are the benefits of getting involved with the local community?

Aside from the obvious moral reasons one might look to give something back, you and your restaurant can also benefit from getting involved with local events.

For example, if you’re working an event with other chefs from the area then it is a great opportunity to gain an insight into how other chefs operate and what kind of food they’re making. It can also help get your name, and the name of your restaurant, out there to the wider community.

Let’s take a look at a couple of examples of chefs joining together to untie their communities...

‘Love Your Local Community’ Lunch

Back in 2011, celebrity chefs Peter Gordon (host of New Zealand’s Fusion Feasts) and Chris Tanner (a regular chef on Lorraine and various other shows) teamed up with the BBC’s David Fitzgerald and ‘Secret Millionaire’ Marcelle Speller to stage the ‘I Love My Local Community’ Celebrity Showcase Lunch at University College Plymouth.

The event involved a three course meal cooked up by Gordon and Tanner, all of which was made from local produce, while there were opportunities for businesses to find out how they can support Plymouth’s voluntary groups.

The Great Chefs Event

This event was started back in 2006 and last year celebrated its 10th anniversary. The event brings high-profile chefs from all over the USA together to celebrate an evening of fun, food and fundraising for two local charities! The event raised over $800,000 for the local charities it supports last year alone.

This is a great example of a local event which can make a huge difference and has managed to maintain it’s presence for 11 years so far.

Supporting organisations working with the elderly

In April of last year, celebrity chef Ian Orr prepared a special lunch for the Caw Golden Years Luncheon Club as part of the National Lottery’s campaign to celebrate and highlight the difference funding makes for those organisations working with elderly people.

Orr, head chef at Brown’s Restaurant and Champagne Lounge and 2013 Chef of the Year Ireland, helped out in the kitchen before putting in a demonstration for the group.

How to get involved

We’d recommend that, if you get the opportunity to take part in a community event, don’t turn it down. You’ll get the chance to showcase your skills, learn something new and give something back to the local community that is so crucial for the success of restaurants.

Head over to the website of your local chef’s association, contact local charities to see how you could help or even start up your own event. Remember we have an events page on Chefify, so if you’re getting involved with your local community, let us know and we’ll give you a shout out.

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