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7 Technologies Transforming the Restaurant Industry

Jul 1 2019 - 11:17am
Whether you think technology is disrupting or enhancing the restaurant industry, one thing is for sure; technology has managed to take a lot of the hassle out of reservations, orders, deliveries, and payment methods. Nowadays, you can easily save yourself (and your nerves!) from so many unnecessary trivialities. So, how and what technology is changing the restaurant industry?

Digital Menu Boards

“A digital menu board is worth a thousand bites”. That’s what you hear from contemporary restaurant owners nowadays. Instead of updating your menu over and over again, struggling to adapt to clients, you can invest in a digital menu board. Using videos and animated gifs in them will make the food even more appealing, and it will certainly entertain your customers. However, the best thing about this menu is that customers can personalise it. They will be able to choose gluten-free, vegan, non-dairy, or other options by skipping other – non-relevant items.

Food Service Kiosks

Foodservice kiosks are the new big thing brought to us by Quick Service Restaurants. This new and fast trend is quickly arising, and that’s because it offers customers two key components, prone to increase customer satisfaction: Reduction of time and control over the food they eat. QSR kiosks allow customers to interact with digital menus and select and pay for their orders using self-service technology. Saving yourself from long queues has never been easier, accompanied with consistency and ease, through different apps from which customers can use to order via their smartphones. Kiosks also allow employees to invest their time elsewhere, instead of spending it by taking customer food orders. The possibility to reallocate employee time is one of the reasons why 41% of the food industry are using kiosks to serve their customers. Both sides seem to love its efficiency.

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi temperature sensors

Modern temperature sensors are a must in the list of electronic restaurant devices. They make it so easy for restaurant workers, managers and owners to stay on top of food temperatures to ensure safe food production, all from wherever they are, and increase a restaurant’s health and safety.

Although Bluetooth may sound like an outdated option to use, its benefit relies on being able to monitor possessions in places that WiFi cannot reach. The devices are connected to one another, which means that wireless sensor in the freezer, or the temperature probe in your hand, can communicate directly with the tablet being used to complete a checklist.

Schedule Software

What also determines who gets to succeed in the restaurant industry is the staff and the people behind the restaurant. That is why one of the skills you want to teach to your employees is the sense of organisation and efficiency. Through this software, you can improve your day to day business, by reducing the time it takes you or the HR team to coordinate employees. Which means, you save costs, manage the needs of your employees and you can forecast workload. 

Table Restaurant Management

Staff and table management made easier for you. Table Restaurant Management is an all-encompassing solution, through which you are able to monitor everything that happens in your restaurant, real time. Through a tablet or mobile, you can control tables, customers, and order in the restaurant. Different apps offering this service can be found in both Android and Apple mobile platforms. Waitlist Me is the perfect example of such a mobile app that makes waiting for tables easier for customers and staff.

Restaurant Employee eLearning

Restaurants are using eLearning to train their employees and it has proven significant results within the industry, such as, My Florida Regional MLS, an organisation of 65 employees, used this type of training as they could share their training procedures in one place for all their staff to access and it allowed them to continuously update their employees with new content or important information. 

Keeping your staff updated, motivated, and consistent can be done through several ways of contemporary training. With effective training, your employees’ confidence will grow, performance will excel, and the quality of your services will flourish. This is why choosing the correct program and the correct approach to your staff, can have a huge impact on the actual success of the restaurant itself, and in that way, it can also shape the restaurant industry when looked upon on a long-term perspective.

Augmented reality

Visualising what your order will be like has never been this real. AR is one of the biggest trends emerging in the restaurant industry in 2019, and people seem to love it. They can change the way diners experience their meal by providing them with a 3D model of actual menus or dishes. Through their smartphones or tablets, customers can view the virtual representation of their portion sizes, nutritional information, ingredients, and many more features. Restaurants have already deployed such 3D apps, and they are also using them to promote discounts, happy hours, or other special offers by keeping the interactivity going with their customers. 

Author: Valmira Rashiti is a practical mystic, book worm and very much fond of words, whether written or spoken. She currently writes for Kiwi, which is a restaurant LMS that aims to help restaurant owners train their staff in an easier and more effective way. In addition, they offer online training courses for different restaurant services.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not represent the views and opinions of Chefify and its partners or sponsors

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