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7 Ingredients for Establishing a Successful Restaurant

May 13 2019 - 10:54am
Life as an entrepreneur can often feel like running in circles, trying to make all ends meet. It gets even trickier when you’re a budding restaurateur. Once you decide to test the waters of the food and hospitality industry customers are not likely to give you a lot of room for error. This is why it is recommended that every aspiring restaurateur does their research and creates a plan of action containing the right ingredients to make it a huge success.

Ingredients? What ingredients?

We did some digging and gathered expert advice to create this comprehensive list of all the factors that you need to work on while planning to launch a brand new restaurant:

  1. A unique concept:  Over the last few years, the idea of launching a restaurant has greatly evolved. Today, it is no longer just about good food and professional service. People pay attention to every small detail about a new restaurant. So, starting from ambience, menu, accents, interiors, waitstaff, to the quality of food – everything is given equal weighting. Having a unique concept in mind can set you apart from your competitors, help in building a strong presence in the market, and establish a loyal customer base. The Snow Restaurant in Kemi, Finland is an excellent example of this.

  2. Professional waitstaff: Your waitstaff can make or break the restaurant. It is crucial that you hire the right people and train them to meet your patrons’ needs and standards. The personality and professionalism of your staff can have a huge impact on the turnover and reputation of your restaurant. After all, the waitstaff is the first point of contact for the customers.

  3. Quality: Quality is so important. Never settle for anything less than the best that you can offer; especially regarding food. If you’re trying out a new menu, make sure to record customer feedback and learn from it. If you branch out to offer delivery services, never overpromise. If you cannot deliver, be polite and inform the customer accordingly. Quality is an essential ingredient that can enhance your restaurant's success immensely. Bottom line: Pay EQUAL attention to the quality of food and your customer service.

  4. Social media presence: The majority of your customers will find out about your restaurant through different social platforms. Craft a social media marketing strategy before you start setting up your profile, that way you can consider which platforms you want to appear on and how you will manage and monitor any engagement you receive. A soft online launch can help generate curiosity among the audience. Another takeaway is to pay attention to any online reviews. Be grateful for the positive feedback and acknowledge any negative comments to demonstrate your commitment towards the customers.

  5. Embrace technology: It is very important for a food service business to be tech-savvy in today’s age. Many cafés offer free WiFi which is actually an invaluable marketing technique. The more time a customer spends at the cafe, the more money they are likely to spend. Also, using tabletops and restaurant point of sale software helps to make the space more technology-friendly – just make sure the technology you offer fits the ambience of your business.  

  6. Promotions: Giving freebies, promotional offers, or combo meals is a great way to attract new customers. Loyalty programs are also quite a big hit for food businesses these days. Offering a discount or a free beverage to frequent customers is a great way of retaining them and beating the competition. Also, introducing the concept of happy hours can help you to boost business even during the flattest times of the day.

  7. Devotion: Last but not least, devotion towards the business and its customers is your most essential ingredient. Familiarise yourself with the fact that not all months are equal when it comes to running a restaurant or café. Some months may be highly rewarding, while others may disappoint you. The mantra here is to stay steady on the ground; be committed to offering the best and success will follow.

In combination with these seven brilliant success ingredients, it is important to have a positive outlook. Plan and research your market well in advance. Watch your competitors and be willing to improve and evolve to meet the demands of your customers. Irrespective of the strategy, be confident and well-managed, that’s exactly how you’ll attract success and fame in the food biz.

Author Bio: Disha is a marketing expert who has been working with small food businesses for a few years now. With her knowledge of the field, she enjoys guiding budding restaurants owners towards success. When not writing, she can often be found travelling the world or reading a good book. 

Article by Disha

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