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How to hire the right restaurant staff
Restaurant Success
While cuisines and concepts can help forge reputations, it’s the team you have around you in your restaurant that will really make the difference.
Food News
After a year of intense competition on 6 continents, 40 of the world’s top chefs will be pitting their culinary skills against each other at the Global Chef Challenge Finals in Thessaloniki, Greece!
Chefs in Jordan
Food News
Last November, I was invited to Jordan to be part of an international jury at the Salon Culinaire competition. Over the years I have been reinvited a few times to Jordan to do some culinary classes...
Slovenian chef in Hong Kong
Food News
Once upon a time, Winne Lau brought me a bottle of pumpkinseed oil from the small country of Slovenia she just had visited.
Chablis Label
Food News
Chardonnay is a favourite grape for many wine lovers and if there is one place in this world that is uniquely Chardonnay then it would have to be the Chablis region of France. As this region only...
29 tips to landing your dream job
Chef Development
In any industry it can be tough to get that dream job - even more so in a profession as competitive as the culinary world. However, it’s not impossible to end up exactly where you want to be – there...
The top 5 places to look to recruit new staff
Restaurant Success
When it comes to recruitment, many businesses take a reactive approach – going out into the market to look for new people only when the need arises.
Traditional vs Digital marketing for restaurant marketing
Restaurant Success
The basics of business have evolved over the past decade and perhaps the most significant change now lies in the marketing options available. From promotion limited purely to tangible methods, such...
How to open a restaurant - a guide
Restaurant Success
The goal for those opening a new restaurant is usually that precious moment when you open the doors for the first time. However, you’ll soon realise that this is really just the start of the process...
Success stories: chefs who opened their own restaurants
Food News
There are plenty of examples of success in the culinary world, from the earliest Michelin starred establishments, to those innovative chefs who are changing the way that we think about food. While...
7 things you can do outside your kitchen to improve your career prospects
Chef Development
A stellar culinary career requires exceptional skills and a healthy dose of talent - there’s no doubt about that. However, outside of the kitchen there are other skills that you can develop that will...
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