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Using technology in a restaurant
Products and Equipment
Technology has brought great change to the business world and, in particular, to the food industry. From apps that are designed to enhance customer experience, to ordering and product procurement,...
Developing skills in the restaurant
Restaurant Success
Starting your own restaurant is a big step – and it’s a lot of work. While that’s probably not news to anyone considering making the leap, the reality of running the business yourself, rather than...
Reasons for starting your own restaurant
Restaurant Success
It’s the ultimate goal for many people – your own establishment with your name above the door. Whether you’re in the catering business, a trained chef or a food-loving entrepreneur, there are many...
Review being left on tablet
Restaurant Success
For any public facing business, getting feedback from customers is crucial – but the experience of a negative review can be dispiriting and frustrating. Customers have a habit of nodding and smiling...
Professional chef blogs
Chef Development
The experiences and passions of other chefs and professionals working across the industry can provide valuable insights into what it means to get ahead in the culinary world and offer alternative...
Best international culinary qualifications
Chef Development
Unlike other careers, becoming a chef doesn’t focus on qualifications and while lawyers and doctors may sit one exam after another, for the chef, getting ahead is about commitment, passion and...
Mindset of a master chef
Chef Development
The Master Chef; for many who enter the culinary profession this is the pinnacle. It’s the point in your career where you’re able to take a breath and acknowledge incredible achievements and industry...
How to hire the right restaurant staff
Restaurant Success
While cuisines and concepts can help forge reputations, it’s the team you have around you in your restaurant that will really make the difference.
Food News
After a year of intense competition on 6 continents, 40 of the world’s top chefs will be pitting their culinary skills against each other at the Global Chef Challenge Finals in Thessaloniki, Greece!
Chefs in Jordan
Food News
Last November, I was invited to Jordan to be part of an international jury at the Salon Culinaire competition. Over the years I have been reinvited a few times to Jordan to do some culinary classes...
Slovenian chef in Hong Kong
Food News
Once upon a time, Winne Lau brought me a bottle of pumpkinseed oil from the small country of Slovenia she just had visited.
Chablis Label
Food News
Chardonnay is a favourite grape for many wine lovers and if there is one place in this world that is uniquely Chardonnay then it would have to be the Chablis region of France. As this region only...
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